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Our web design team has the perfect blend of creativity and skills
to implement Stand-Out, Responsive and Optimized Websites
that Deliver Results.

Stand-Out, Responsive and Optimized Websites.

Every website we develop is hand-crafted to provide optimal user experience across any platform from mobile to desktop.  We deliver websites that not only look amazing and convert traffic into customers, but are also easy to manage behind the scenes and are search engine optimized (SEO).

Clients have been relying on us since 2001 to design and develop great websites that work and are professional looking, user friendly, and speak to their target markets. We’re proud to have maintained many long term relationships with clients over the years, redesigning and expanding their websites with the evolution of the web, taking advantage of new and innovative ways to interact with and service clients.

Every website we designed and develop – unless otherwise requested – is created in a content management system, is device responsive (phone, tablet, etc.), has social media sharing functions and google analytics integration.

Do you already have a web design ready but need to bring it to life on the web?

If you’re already working with a designer/team of designers or have a template you’ve purchased, we can partner with your organization to bring your design to the web in an optimized and effective way.

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Our Expertise

We Design, Develop, and Optimize
Responsive User Friendly Websites

  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce
  • Professional design
  • Responsive Websites

  • User Experience

  • Ecommerce Solutions

  • Website security and backups


Website Design & Development - Planning

The process begins with a planning phase, during which we will learn more about the goals and requirements for the site, research industry-related sites, and work to gain an understanding of what appeals to your target audience and personas.

The process is collaborative; starting with a design questionnaire we will then have several conversations to establish the design goals, look and feel for the website.

You know: where the magic really happens.


Website Design & Development - Design

As we move into design, our designer will develop a concept for the site to  be placed online for your review.

The concept design generally includes a home page design and two interior page designs (typically different forms of inside pages) so that you get a feel of look and feel as well the navigation.

Alternatively, sometimes there may be a template available that is appropriate for the site, in which case the designer will work to adapt / modify its design so as to customize and ensure it reflects your branding and overall goals.

Once the designs have been presented we will incorporate any feedback you may have and present revised designs. Up to two rounds of design revisions are included in this quotation.


Website Design & Development - Implementation

During the implementation process the approved design is converted to the html and css that make up the website.

The design and html will be applied to the website(s) and functionality and plugins are  to meet the specified requirements.

All elements are tested and the site is verified on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices in a variety of modern web browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.).

All work is done on a development server so that no changes are made to the live site(s) until we are ready to launch.

Once the new site has been launched, training is provided in how to update and modify the site, as well as an editor’s guide.

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Website Design & Development - Planning

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Website Design & Development - Planning


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