Of all the benefits the internet has brought to our lives, the constant stream of information is surely the greatest.

Communication is instant, news break without delay, and content can be read as soon as it’s published.

The most visited sites on the internet are those that always offer something new to digest, with those that remain static getting left behind.

While your company website probably doesn’t need daily updates, the theory remains the same; as a rule, the longer it goes with nothing new added, the worse it will perform in a variety of ways.

It’s important to remember this and stick to it when implementing your internet marketing strategy.

Here are three benefits to updating your website; both on the frontend and on the backend.

1: To engage your audience

No matter how big your physical premises, your website is the biggest window to your business.

This means your internet marketing is every bit as important as any other medium.

Able to be viewed by almost anyone in the world, including each and every one of your potential customers, your site has to show you in a good light.

First impressions are important in all walks of life, and your internet marketing is no different. A clean, fresh design for your landing or home page can be the difference between a visitor sticking around or bouncing.

In the ever-evolving online world, this means websites designed just a few years ago can easily look dated today.

Keeping your website updated with new, relevant and engaging content can also mean the difference between impressing someone enough for them to buy or disappointing them enough for them to look elsewhere.

2: To keep Google sweet

Google is constantly crawling the web to rank and re-rank every website they find in order to show the best search results to their users. This means that they will favor websites that are constantly updated versus those who are not actively updated.

After all, very few people want to revisit a website where they’ve already read everything there is to read.

Constantly publishing new and relevant content to your website is vital for your internet marketing, as Google will be constantly finding fresh content on your site and they’ll recognize you as someone who is always providing new and relevant information to your readers.

3: To increase your security

These days, many websites are built on a Content Management System, or CMS.

Their popularity stems from their simplicity, with templates, themes and plugins being used to alter their look and functionality.

These templates, themes and plugins are constantly updated by their developers to deal with functionality issues, but also to stay one step ahead of hackers or those who would want to exploit any loopholes in your website’s security.

Your site’s security might not be the most fun aspect of your internet marketing plan, but it is the most important.

Imagine going to your website one day only to find that your content has been replaced with inappropriate content or even deleted. Now imagine your customers finding it.

Keeping your website updated in every aspect brings endless benefits to you and your internet marketing success.

Some are seen and appreciated by your potential customers. Some are noticed and acted upon by Google.

For the success of your internet marketing efforts, all are crucial.