We’ll take care of it.

Whether you’re running your own business or you’re part of the marketing team responsible for the website, you’ve probably already got enough things to do in your day. We can help lighten your load by taking care of the website updates for you, and we can keep your website safe and secure.

Rely on us and:

  • Your work will be completed in a timely manner. We have an established timeline for small updates and will communicate about bigger ones.

  • Say goodbye to sending emails into the void and hoping they’re received. We’ll always acknowledge your requests and will follow up by email or telephone.

  • Sleep easy knowing that your website is safe and secure. We’ll keep it up to date with the latest security updates and make sure it is backing up as expected.

Fast, responsive, and high quality (always ensured) is how I would describe STW and their services.

Scott Maxwell, Executive Director, Wounded Warriors Canada

…quick to respond to questions and queries. The service is always friendly and patient. Problem solving is a forte which makes our web maintenance enjoyable!

Sarah Dobec, Marketing Manager, The Big Carrot Natural Food Market

The best resource for business owners who just want to run their business instead of looking after website issues.

Jonathan Miljure, Leaside Plumbing

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Sit back and relax, we’ll keep your website up to date, online, and secure.  Your extended team (us!) includes designers, developers, content managers, and server support.

Typical requests we receive include:

  • Text and Image Updates

  • Wordpress System and Security Updates

  • Website Speed and Performance 

  • Google Analytics and Console Optimization

  • Daily Backups

  • Web Hosting

.. but don’t worry if its not typical, we’re here to support you and will find solutions for all requests.

From occasional website updates to inclusive plans, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you handle most website updates yourself and you want someone to call on from time to time – when you’re too busy or you’re not sure how to make a change – or you want a partner who can take care of all aspects of the website for you: we’re happy to work with you as you need.

You can feel confident that we have received your requests and know when the work will be completed; we’ll respond to all of your requests and provide a timeline for completion.

  • Telephone and/or Email Support

  • 2 Hour Response Time to Email Requests

  • 2 Day Completion Time for Small Updates (same day when possible)

  • Time and Budget Estimates for Larger Updates

  • Updates as requested and/or monthly plans, where we proactively make sure your site is safe and secure.

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Maintenance plans generally start at $500/month and include system maintenance and security as well as content and text updates and support.

For one-off or specific changes quotes can be provided.

How long do updates take?

Thats the magic question, and the answer depends.  If we’re changing an image or a piece of text on a web page its probably going to be 15 – 30 minutes depending on the specific change.  Adding a new blog entry might be as well; but if we have to do any formatting and maybe find or resize an image it will take longer.

To create a new page on a website takes just a few minutes, but then to set it up with all of the content and images might take a couple of hours.