Recently we’ve done a couple of different treatments for videos on TYPO3 websites.
On for instance we have a single page per video.  The purpose of the site is to provide demos and tutorials and so that format seemed to work the best for this site (example below).
On, the goal of the video was to provide a reference to the content on the page, and so the video isn’t placed directly within the content, or handled by way of a link to another web page, but as an overlaid video – meaning that if a user clicks the link, the video shows up on top of the page, then they can close it and continue reading (example below).
On, a speaker series event was recorded and the goal was to present the session on one web page.  The video file was too large though to be presented as a single video, and so was separated into seven separate segments.  Through a video browser below the main video, the visitor can select which segment they would like to watch (example below).
The three examples shown are all TYPO3 sites, but we can do similar on non-TYPO3 sites as well.
Inline video on Overlaid video on Video with gallery on