Every day new clients are looking online for businesses like yours. Can they find you?

  • Today’s shopping experience and business interactions begin with a digital device.
  • SEO brings that home to you.
  • A carefully planned and implemented SEO strategy can keep you within your clients’ reach.  Increase your website visibility and increase your ROI (Return On Investment)

What is SEO?

With the constantly increasing and evolving amount of information and data available on the internet, online platforms such as Google, Bing and Yahoo have assumed the crucial task of making sense of it all, earning the title of “search engines”. As good “engines” they set things, people and interactions in motion and they accomplish this by creating formulas (officially called algorithms) to establish road maps that guide web users to what is relevant and new.  These so-called maps are prioritized in what is referred to as “rankings”, lists that place and highlight relevant and updated websites at the top.

This process is a lot like what happens physically at a library where we can find books or items that address our needs. Librarians set up cataloguing systems that make information accessible.  When books are no longer useful, they remain on the shelf, often collecting dust. These search engines can be said to be like our present-day, online librarians and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is your ticket to remaining accessible, relevant and making it onto their maps and catalogues.  As the term optimization suggest, SEO is all about making the best of what you have. It means making the best use of the words, links, and content on your website so that the algorithms used by search engines notice your site and consider it a top priority for your potential clients to access.

What can SEO do for me?

With increased internet use across the world, your customers today are, most likely, searching for products, services and information online and making decisions based on what they see. Shopping now begins in front of an electronic device and SEO can make sure that this first step is a step in your direction.  This cost-effective method can bring a higher return on your investment and help you strengthen your brand identity.

What will an SEO audit accomplish?

Carrying out a detailed assessment of your website is always the best place to start whether you are only beginning to consider SEO or have been working toward it for some time. If you are just getting started it can provide you with information to create a strategy and set your priorities.  If you already have begun to set things in place, it is always good to remember that search engine best practices keep changing frequently these days and you need to stay up to date with current trends.Our Toronto-based SEO specialized team at SeeThrough Web is equipped to provide you with what you need to take steps in the right direction.  Through a “Site Health Review” we can make sure you are always on top of the list, achieving your desired SEO performance.

Call us now and get ready to see results that exceed your expectations.  You can find more information about our SEO Audit services here.

The web is filled with exciting challenges and opportunities.  We can help you get the best from what you have and keep you as close to your clients’ fingertips as possible!

Doing your own SEO?

One of the best SEO tools we use almost every day is SEM Rush. It’s an excellent tool for competitor and keyword research and provides a lot of insight into how a website is optimized and where it needs help.