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SEO Audit

Can your ideal client find your business?

Everyday users are looking online for businesses like yours.

Comprehensive audit will tell you:

  • What search engine problems exist on your website,

  • Exactly which pages have issues and where on the pages they exist,

  • How to fix the issues so that search engines have an easier time reading and ranking your website.

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At SeeThrough Web, we provide the audit service to help our client improve their search engine ranking, attracting and engaging with new potential clients.  Search engine algorithms and best practices change frequently and so it is important to check and stay on top of your sites ranking over time.  You might even call an audit a  “Site Health Review”. Our audit will tell you exactly what what needs to be fixed on your website to improve its search engine ranking.

Correcting issues found will put your website in a better position to be found by new clients looking for your business.

The purpose of the audit is to analyze both external factors as well as the website’s technical conditions, and to provide tangible instructions that you can use to improve the seo effectiveness of your website.

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