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SEO Audit

Improve your search engine ranking to attract new clients.

Pinpoint items on your site that can improve your search engine ranking.

Comprehensive audit will tell you:

  • What search engine problems exist on your website,

  • Exactly which pages have issues and where on the pages they exist,

  • How to fix the issues so that search engines have an easier time reading and ranking your website.

What Site Should We Audit?

Improve your search engine ranking to attract new clients.

The rules that search engines use to rank sites change frequently.  Auditing your site can help to identify and correct any issues that may be keeping your site from being found on the first page of Google, Bing, or other search engines.  You might even call the search engine audit a “Site Health Review”.

Correcting issues found will help your site move to page 1 of the search results, putting it in a better position to be found by new clients looking for your business.

This audit will provide tangible instructions that you can use immediately to improve the optimization of your website.

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