TYPO3 Content management System

At SeeThrough Web we specialized in working with the TYPO3
content management system from 2005 to 2015, and have used it for the implementation of 100s of websites, that include small businesses, colleges, international retailers and more.

TYPO3 content management system

At SeeThrough Web we specialized in working with the TYPO3 content management system from 2005 to 2015, and have used it for the implementation of well over 100 websites.

In some cases the sites are designed and implemented by us, in others we implement sites designed by others. At times we have been engaged to take over the TYPO3 maintenance and support of already existing websites.

Although these days most of our projects use the WordPress content management system, we still support and maintain several TYPO3 websites.

The TYPO3 Content Management System is an easy-to-use solution for site administrators and editors that provides them with the ability to perform updates and modifications as needed to keep the site completely current at all times.

TYPO3 is a fully scalable and modular platform onto which advanced functionality can be added.

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TYPO3 Website Development

Do you have a specific requirement for which there is not an existing solution in TYPO3?

Working with TYPO3 since 2005, we’ve developed many custom extension modules to meet our clients’ needs.

Examples of Custom TYPO3 Extensions

A document exchange system that allows separated parents to exchange required documentation in a secure manner that logs and tracks all interactions. They can log in to view and update documents, or they add their documents to the system by emailing them.

Development of a system that takes data from 5 separate locations and merges it into a single database that allow clients to log in through the website to view and update their information, and provides management with the opportunity for much better and timely information and reporting then was previously possible.

A dynamic system that allows logged in site visitors the ability to configure and place orders for products, building each product from more than 10 configurable components, all of which the site administrators are able to modify.

An online vendor database that is sort-able, filter-able, and easily update-able by site administrators.

An online database that allows site administrators to constantly keep their website up to date with all properties and availability. Integration with Google maps allows visitors to the website to view property locations.

TYPO3 Website Updates & Support

If you’re looking for a company whom you can call to update your TYPO3 website – whether it is content updates to text and images, or system updates to ensure that your installation is up to date and secure, then SeeThrough Web is the company for you.

We’ve been working with TYPO3 since 2005 and provide these services for many clients.  Some clients rely on us for all of their site updates, other call on us only when they are short on time or unsure how to go about making a change.

For TYPO3 guides and video tutorials, visit TYPO3 Support.

TYPO3 Website Hosting

As a design company that hosts many of our clients sites, of utmost importance is a platform that is stable, reliable, and easy-to-use.

We’ve selected vendors that allow us to achieve our goals of worry-free, solid, online service; hosting sites that range from small business presence sites to busy online portals that receive thousands of visits a day.

Our servers are set up so that TYPO3 runs smoothly and without issue. An experienced user can get the base system up and running in just a few minutes.

For hosting information, please contact us directly, or visit stwhosting.com.

TYPO3 Website Implementation

Do you have a site design that you’d like turned into a TYPO3 website?

Working with direct clients or design agencies, much of the work we do is taking existing designs and turning them into TYPO3 sites – whether they are raw design files, or conversions from existing sites.

We have the utmost respect for your design.  Our goal is always to achieve a pixel perfect implementation of your design.  You can trust us with your design, it is in good hands.

TYPO3 Website Migration

At SeeThrough Web we can work with you to migrate an existing website into the TYPO3 content management framework.

Because there are no design restrictions with TYPO3, virtually any site design can be migrated into the content management system.  Sites can be adapted from traditional html-based websites, or converted from other content management systems.

Together we will work out a plan for migrating content and any site specific functionality to your new TYPO3 site.

TYPO3 Extension Installation

Just need an extension module installed and/or configured for your site?  We’d be happy to do that for you.

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