Are you spamming your customers?

You might be thinking that’s impossible. You only send them a monthly newsletter. How can that ever be considered too much?

The truth is, spam comes in many different flavours.

Take social media. If someone you follow is dominating your timeline with post after post after post, you’re likely to stop following them.

So how can you avoid having the same effect with the followers of your social media internet marketing, while still posting enough to remain relevant?

And what are the real reasons your business should even be on social media anyway?

Read on to find out.

Why should my business be on social media?

For many businesses, the main reason for being on social media is simply that they think it’s the right thing to do. That it’s necessary. That everybody says they should be.

However, none of that will help without a coherent plan to make social media a real part of your internet marketing and to help you achieve your goals as a business.
While your real goals will be defined by the nature of your business, for most companies, a social media presence should be looking to achieve any or all of the following:

  • to be discovered by potential new customers
  • to be seen as an authority
  • to build relationships with new and existing customers
  • to get followers to take a defined action
  • to drive traffic to your website
  • to convert followers into paying customers

Only when you’ve defined your goals can you know whether or not you’re achieving them. But to give yourself the best chance of that happening, you need to be posting just the right amount.

Not too little, and not too much.

Why you shouldn’t overdo it on social media

No matter how good your product or service is, your audience only needs to hear from you a certain number of times per week. As with many aspects of your internet marketing, too much can be a campaign killer.

While you want to post enough that your followers know you care, even sporadic posting is in many ways better than posting too much.

You do of course want to remain relevant in your followers’ minds, but even posting at long intervals still gives your content, name, and logo a chance of being seen.

Conversely, overloading your followers’ walls or timelines with excessive posts will only cause them to unfollow you once they decide it’s gotten too much. And once people have unfollowed you, they’re highly unlikely to follow you again.

As with all aspects of internet marketing, building a following on social media isn’t easy.

Finding out the followers you did get have been pushed away through communication overload is heartbreaking, and a surefire way of not achieving those goals you set out at the beginning of your campaign.

How can I avoid communication overload on social media?

The most certain way to avoid communication overload on the social media side of your internet marketing is to post less. However, by posting less, you’re leaving yourself vulnerable to not posting enough.So how, exactly, are you to find the right balance?

Unless you have a social media┬áspecialist in your team, it’s going to be almost impossible to figure this out without a lot of time spent experimenting, failing, and learning as you go.

A far more cost-efficient way to have an optimized social media campaign that hits the targets you’ve set is to enlist the help of those who already have this knowledge.

Here at SeeThrough Web, we have social media specialists who will carry out your campaign in the right way, from the beginning, as part of our Digital Marketing services.

If you want to have your social media audiences built for you and kept loyal to your brand by giving them just the right amount of content, not too much and not too little, contact us today to see how we can help you with ongoing monthly plans.