Have you been marketing your business online? If you have ever done, or are currently doing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Updates, or Paid per Click (PPC) advertising, then you have been employing digital marketing tactics.

Employing the tactics is good, but performing marketing actions without an overall plan in place can inhibit your ability to grow your business, measure your results, and learn from past mistakes.

What is a Digital Marketing Plan?

In summary, a digital marketing plan is the document that will guide your communications in the digital world. In one place, you will specify the tactics and tools you will use to achieve your sales and goals and how you will measure the results.

A digital marketing plan is an integrated digital communications strategy for a brand/company/product which requires specific channel targeting, channel propositions and channel partners based on customer preferences. 1

What should go into a Digital Marketing plan?

  1. A defined structure for managing your digital plan
  2. A review of the marketplace opportunity
  3. Definition your marketing goals
  4. Identification of your ideal target audience
  5. Marketing Strategy
  6. Detailed Action Plan with key performance indicators (KPI)
  7. Budget

What are the benefits?

Digital marketing with a strategic approach offers many benefits some of which include:
– Opportunities to gain more of your ideal customers through better targeting and optimization of communications to these audiences.
– Being recognizable and memorable to customers and prospects through consistency of communication (speaking with the same voice) across all digital channels, so if they are thinking about your type of product they are thinking about your product.
– The opportunity to increase your return on investment (ROI)  by adapting, responding and improving your digital marketing efforts as recommended by your key performance indicators (KPI).

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