So recently I reworked our spam filtering in the office.  About one month ago we put a Microsoft Small Business Server which has Exchange Mail server, so rather then mail travelling through our web host it now comes directly to the office.Previously, when the mail went through the web host all the message tagged as spam were deleted before they got to my mailbox.  Now with the Exchange filtering they are coming to my mailbox, but automatically going into my junk mail folder.  We’ve got the filters set quite well, and only very few spam messages are actually ending up in my inbox.
So here it is.  About 2 weeks ago I cleared out the junk mail folder.  Since midnight on August 9th, until now, 3pm on August 22nd my junk mail folder has received:  7620 emails.  Thats a lot of junk.  Lets see, thats 7620 messages divided by about 303 hours, thats about 25 / hour, or about 1 piece of junk every 2.4 minutes.
Thank god for spam filters, there would be a heck of a lot of wasted time without them.
So here’s the thing, among those 7600+ emails, I’ve found 2 valid messages.  Thats not bad I suppose, about 1 in 3500 — 1 per week .. but what if one of those emails was “the big job”.  It sure would be nice to autodump the spam, but I guess I can’t.  Bastards. 
Email has been called “the killer app” .. that is its the application that no one can live without.  Without spam filters, it would be the “the killed app”.  Having to check hundreds of junk message every day for the odd misfiltered email is a p in the a.
screen cap of my junk mail folder showing 7620 pieces of junk mail received in under 2 weeks.If you email, and I don’t reply, try giving me a call.
… since I started this entry, 6 more pieces of spam have come in.