Stand Out from your competitors, improve your rankings in search engine results and get more customers with Schema markup.

Your website looks great. Your message is on point. The sales copy is effective. And, coupled with your digital marketing efforts, it probably does convert.┬áBut the same is true of your competitors. That’s why they’re still your competitors.

If you’re going to get ahead of them, you need to make use of every competitive advantage you can.

So what if there was something you could implement that can improve both your rankings in search engine results, and your click through rates (CTR)?

And what if most websites, including those of your competitors, are neglecting to use it in their own digital marketing?

This is Schema markup – and this is why your website needs it today.

What is Schema markup?

If you’ve encountered any of the following directly in the search results , you’ve already seen Schema markups in action:

  • a publishing date on a blog post you want to read
  • a 5-star review of a product you want to buy
  • a cooking time on a recipe you want to make
  • a schedule of show times for a movie you want to see
  • a thumbnail image on all of the above and more

The product of a collaboration between Google, Bing, and Yahoo, the intention of is to provide a better user experience on each of their search engines by displaying the kind of information that those searching most want to see.

Why do I need Schema markup on my website?

Simply put, any of the examples listed above will increase a search result’s CTR, or click through rate.

You only have a tiny amount of space to make a good impression with a search result, and Schema markups make yours more useful, make your website look more professional, and are more eye-catching than text-only results.

All of this means more clicks, which is a huge part of your digital marketing success.

While it’s unclear whether having Schema markups alone will directly increase the ranking of your pages in the search results, the improved CTR and interaction with your site that follows can have an indirect positive impact on this.

When industry rivals like Google, Bing, and Yahoo come together in such a way for the benefit of all their users, it’s a clear sign that website owners should be taking action and implementing the results in their digital marketing.

However, as of yet few have. By doing so yourself, you’re gaining a competitive advantage.

Who can help me with my Schema markup?

While the benefits of implementing Schema markups to boost your digital marketing success should be of great interest to you, the technical side of doing so probably shouldn’t.

As a businessperson, you already have enough on your plate, and getting involved with the backend of your website in any capacity is the last thing you need to be doing.

This is especially true with Schema markup.

While some website modifications can be done once and have a universal effect, schema markup have to be implemented for every individual page to show the relevant information of each.

Depending on the size of your website, this can be quite time consuming.

On top of this, schema technology is constantly evolving and updating, and what is implemented now may well need modifying in the future.

Fortunately, SeeThrough Web can help. Adding schema markups to your website is included in our Promotions + Digital Marketing plans.

By having a monthly plan, you can be sure the schema markups implemented will be monitored, kept up-to-date, and will continue to give you a competitive advantage over your rivals long into the future.

Contact us today to boost your digital marketing success.