You have probably heard it said before: first impressions last a lifetime! And when it comes to business success, first impressions need to be a top priority. You can be certain that today’s client is busy multi-tasking, meeting important deadlines or simply distracted with social media, e-mails, phone calls, etc. In the midst of all their comings and goings, you have little time to catch their attention, draw their interest and establish an ongoing relationship. Your website is certainly the one tool to do this in an attractive and informative way.

Just like your clients, you are most likely also multi-tasking and it is possible that you have not taken a glance at your website in the past week, or it might also be that you have an outdated website that you don’t promote because you simply cannot keep up. Don’t let the task of designing or maintaining your website prevent you from fully taking advantage of such a positive element of your marketing and brand identity strategies. Today, the possibilities for developing your website are many and they range from online tools to professionals who can assist you with every step. Here are some things to consider as you decide whether to tackle the challenge yourself or to hire a professional to assist you:

What role does the website play in your business?

If your website is primarily a source of information for potential and existing clients, creating and maintaining it is likely less complicated than you might think. A CMS (content management system) or a platform that allows you to use a pre-designed template might do the job. If, on the other hand, you have or are planning a site that can handle online transactions and more complex interactions with your clients, your website will require greater skills. In this case, seeking expert assistance might be your best move. However, keep in mind that a well-designed website opens new possibilities for you to bring revenue in through convenient purchasing options. The role your website has played until now does not have to remain the same. Innovation can certainly open doors you never knew were there!

What kind of investment can you make?

To design and maintain your website, you need to keep in mind the long-term benefits as well as the long term demands that your fresh website will bring to your business. First, evaluate how much time and financial resources you can invest in both the initial and the maintenance stages of the project. Do you have the time (and skills) to make use of a “Do-it-Yourself” platform (DIY)? Or will your time be better invested in other business projects? While hiring a professional will certainly mean a higher initial investment, an expert will do what they are good at while freeing you to do what you are best at: your business!

How much control do you want?

The question of control can be a complicated one but it all comes down to how much creative control you want (and can handle) as well as how much control you can have with implementing updates. A DIY platform will have predetermined, easy to use fonts and formats which could be limiting for some, especially if you have a particular brand image to uphold. For a professional, on the other hand, the sky is the limit and they can help you attain your specific branding goals.
For updating your content, a DIY platform might be much easier for you to access and refresh your website as they are created with this goal in mind. If a professional has designed your website, you will likely need their support for updating it. However, the right professional will help you become independent at managing your freshly designed website with some basic training if that is what you are looking for.

Some last thoughts.

Taking some time to consider your needs and resources is vital as you consider improving your brand’s online impression and the role that your website plays in your business. This task can be overwhelming especially because it involves your financial and human resources on a long-term basis. At SeeThrough Web we have experienced web designers and digital marketing experts who can not only share their knowledge of the industry and best practices, but can also carry out a full needs assessment for you. Whether you are just setting up a new website or you are looking to refresh your image, we can help. We can assist you to get started either on a Do-it-Yourself platform or a full design and development approach with an eye out for SEO and digital marketing strategies. Our input can be as involved as you would like it or need it to be. So, before you let more time pass by, send us an e-mail at We can simplify the complexities of website creation and maintenance so that you can make a lasting impression on new customers and continue strengthening existing relationships.