Accelerated mobile pages: Engage your website users and visitors faster

Starting in February, Google has been showing Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) in its mobile search results. You can recognize them by the thunderbolt symbol:

google-ampgoogle amp 2

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If you come across them on your mobile searches, it indicates these pages will load faster on your device.

What are Accelerated Mobile Pages?

The goal of AMP is to deliver content to Google users in the most fast and flexible way. Think about all the times you’ve clicked on a link to read an article, only for the page to load very slowly, and content to move around on the page as images and ads loads. AMP takes away all that and optimizes the page to load instantly on mobile devices.

What are the benefits of Accelerated Mobile Pages?

On top of faster load times, AMP articles are more likely to show on the top stories section of Google search results when relevant:

amp demo

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When it comes to SEO, this is prime real estate to show your content. And not only will users find that your articles load four times faster, they also use 10 times less data2.

Googler John Mueller3 has stated that “AMP is not a ranking signal now,” however, Google4 has announced upcoming changes to mobile search results in May. AMP results are already dominating mobile news results, so the next step could be amplifying that effect to all search types.

It is already known that Google considers speed as a ranking factor, and moving towards a mobile-friendly future, this will be crucial for the long-term success of your SEO.

How do Accelerated Mobile Pages work?

    • AMP are created with a combination of HTML, Javascript and the Google AMP Cache1:AMP HTML: most tags in an AMP HTML page are regular HTML tags, and in some cases HTML tags are replaced with AMP-specific tags
    • AMP JS: a JS library ensures the fast rendering of AMP HTML pages and managing resource loading.
    • Google AMP Cache: proxy-based content delivery network for delivering all valid AMP documents with a built-in validation system that ensures the page will work.

These three elements combined work as an add-on to existing web technologies and publishing platforms, providing the technical support to optimize speed and performance on mobile devices.

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