The road to a successful membership website implementation begins with detailed planning.  Here’s 10 things that should be considered before embarking on such a project.

  1. How many different types of membership will be available (ie bronze, silver, gold; annual, monthly, etc.)?
  2. Are multi-accounts possible?  For instance, can a corporation sign up and have X number of users.  If so, how is this managed?
  3. Is different content available to different types of members?
  4. How frequently will pricing change?
  5. Are there discounts available?
  6. How is the payment being processed (ie. live on the website as a member signs up, or manually in the office)?
  7. Can members upgrade, downgrade, or terminate their own accounts on the website?  If so, how is website access and billing information updated?
  8. Can members change their billing information on the website?
  9. Do accounts expire?  If so, are expiry notification emails required?
  10. Can accounts be renewed?  If so how (automatic, manual, link through email, etc.)?

These 10 questions will get you headed in the right direction.  If you’re looking for a partner in your website development who has done it before, please contact us to discuss the details in confidence.