What is TYPO3?

TYPO3 is an enterprise level, open-source content management system.

TYPO3 is a content management system – a system that allows clients to update, edit, modify, add, and remove content from their website.

TYPO3 is award winning, enterprise-level, free, and open source; and can be tailored to business to meet internet, intranet and extranet needs.

TYPO3 is feature rich, scalable and modular and provides an excellent platform for advanced site functionality.

Many modules are available to meet website and business needs. The modular and open source nature of TYPO3 means that one can build and easily add functionality on to a TYPO3 site if something is needed that doesn’t already exist.

There are no design restrictions with TYPO3; website designs do not need to be “TYPO3-ized” and can be implemented exactly as defined by the designers (within the limits of modern web design).

Out of the box“, the TYPO3 cms includes functionality such as:

  • easy browser based page editing

  • multiple language capablility

  • site search functionality

  • access controls – allow individual editors to modify only appropriate site sections or “front-end” users access to only certain parts of a website.

There are thousands of extension modules available for requirements, some of these include:

  • news & press releases

  • event registration

  • user communities

  • messaging forums

  • ecommerce online shopping

  • business portals

  • private user areas

  • frequently asked questions

  • rss feeds

  • and much more.

At SeeThrough Web we’ve developed dozens of sites using the TYPO3 content management system. Please contact us to discuss how TYPO3 can be implemented on your new or existing site.

For more information about TYPO3, please visit www.thedemo.ca, wich includes demonstrations, tutorials, and a small sampling of North American sites built on TYPO3;  or one of the following:

TYPO3:  typo3.org
TYPO3 Feature List:  http://typo3.org/typo3-cms/key-features/

Why TYPO3?

TYPO3 is the content management system that will allow you and your team update, add, and remove content from your website through your web browser.  It also offers a feature rich and scalable platform on which functionality can be added to meet your specific website requirements.

We’ve been building client sites with TYPO3 now since 2005.  When deciding on a cms offering, we examined the available systems on the market (there are greater than 1000 of them); some of the criteria we were specifically interested in included:

  • the ability for clients to edit their own pages

  • user friendliness

  • flexibility of design

    • very important, we didn’t want to be locked into a system that would dictate the design of a site in any way
  • scalability

    • the site must be able to grow with the client’s business.
  • search engine optimization ability

    • a website that can’t be optimized for the search engines is like a store in a dark alley – no one is going to find it.
  • multilingual capable

  • track record/history

  • support

  • workflow capability

  • audit log

  • open source

    • we had no interest in being locked into any company’s proprietary system.  We’ve seen too many companies get bought, sold, cease development, etc., to make this an appealing option.

Using the comparison tool at cmsmatrix.org, one can generate a feature by feature comparison of the various systems against approximately 150 criteria.

After creating a short list of 5 content management systems, and testing and analyzing them for the one that we felt would be the best fit, we selected TYPO3.

Some of the reasoning behind our selection was:

  • TYPO3 has more (almost all in fact) of the criteria built in or available as free add-ons, with very strong showings in the categories of system security, ease of use, and interoperability.

  • TYPO3 has had a consolidated development effort since 1998. Where many of the open source content management system have split, divided, died, or had other adventures, TYPO3 has always had a single direction and is very actively developed. It is currently in version 4.3; 4.4 is in development; and development of version 5, a ‘next-generation’ rewrite, is also underway. All of these efforts are guided and directed through the TYPO3 association.

  • While we did here some criticism that TYPO3 has a steep learning curve and isn’t terribly user friendly, we found that the learning curve is more on the side of the developer, or self starter; and with training and a proper system setup TYPO3 can be quite friendly to use and many adminstrators learn to use the basics in just half an hour.

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