Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing the code of the website for best search engine exposure to drive more visitors to your business.

Onsite and offsite optimization for up to 5 keyword phrases. Optimizing the code of the website itself for best search engine exposure with coverage on Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engines, with custom content and robust reporting.

Tracking of customer reviews, citations, online mentions, and other references to your business.

Review generation tool, to ask clients for reviews with positive reviews being posted to Google, Facebook, etc.

Digital Advertising

Drive store visits, calls, and form fills/contact requests.

This solution is designed to target the right people in the right places at the right time. We promote your business on popular sites like Facebook and Google, and we target only the best opportunities like people who are nearby and your competitors’ customers. Monthly reporting that shows you the phone calls, store visits, and campaign revenue that we’ve generated for you.

Social Media Management

Maximize client loyalty and brand awareness with daily and engagement on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Reputation Management

Business listings, customer reviews, and word-of-mouth can have a significant impact on your business reputation and revenue. With Reputation Management, we can track every aspect of your online reputation.


Website Design & Development

Stand-Out, Responsive and Optimized Websites that Deliver Results.

Every website we develop is hand-crafted to provide optimal user experience across any platform from mobile to desktop. As some of North America’s only specialists in the TYPO3 content management system, as well as WordPress, WooCommerce experts and E-commerce websites. If you’re already working with a designer/team of designers or have a template you’ve purchased, we can partner with your organization to bring your design to the web in an optimized and effective way.


Let chatbot answer common questions, book appointments, gather reviews and have your employees take over when needed.

Visual Visitor

Like Caller ID for websites, know what businesses are visiting your website

Live Chat

Easily connect with visitors as they are on your website.

Social Wifi Marketing

Offer free wifi to your clients

To connect to it, they simply need to sign in with one of their social media accounts or their email address.

Once they’ve done that, we can trigger automatic emails to them “Thank you for visiting, here is a coupon for your next visit”, that type of thing, and add them to your email marketing and other advertising lists.

Content Updates & Maintenance Updates

From occasional updates to comprehensive plans, ensure your site always offers the latest information and is secure and up to date.


Newsletters, Promotional Emails and Automation

Improve contact conversion, customer retention and growth with email campaigns to warm contacts who already know you.

Text Marketing

Increase your customer loyalty with keyword text marketing and notification platform.

Social Media Management

Maximize your brand awareness and loyalty with daily and engagement on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Review Generation & Management

91% of people read customer reviews to determine the quality of a local business

Requesting reviews from clients, pushing positive reviews to popular sites like google and ratemds, yahoo, etc. [**** customize for service page ****] and keeping negative ones away from them …

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Website Design & Development - Planning


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