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What does your business’s Digital Footprint look like?

In a recent study Google found that 96% of consumers do their research online before making a buying decision. This snapshot report helps you see what they find about your business.

What’s In The Report?

A wealth of information gathered from scanning your digital presence to find out where you’re doing well, and where you could do better, including:

  • Listings: How many listing sites can consumers find your business on?  Is the information accurate?

  • Reviews: How many reviews can be found for your business online?  What’s the average score?  How does it compare against your industry?

  • Social: How many likes and followers do you have?  How does it compare against your industry?

  • Your Website:  How does it perform on desktop and mobile?  What’s the industry average?

  • Online Advertising:  Are you advertising online?  How do your ad campaigns compare to your competitors?

  • SEO:  Can consumers find you in search?  What about your competitors?

Take control of You Local Market 

Digital Marketing Snapshot 


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Marketing Pros
Save time by managing the social media, online reputation, and SEO of your business through one convenient login.

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Business Owners
Always know what the online perception of your business is through weekly executive reports by email that summarize online performance.

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IT Consultants
Score points with your clients by showing them the tools that allow them to take control of their business’s online performance.