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Studies show that the first 5 results on Google get nearly 70% of all clicks. If you’re not at the top of the listings you’re missing out. 

Our SEO services and optimization strategies are focussed on moving your website’s position to the top of the search results.

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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO is a proactive, structured approach used to improve the position of a company in the natural search results listings of search engines for the keywords and phrases you target. Its aim is to increase visibility and drive visits to a website from new prospects and existing customers.

Search Engine Optimization is a cost-effective method of online marketing that assists businesses to get new visits, leads and sales. It’s about getting your company and your products and services visible in front of potential leads as they search.

7 Steps to Successful SEO

Do an audit to research & analyze!

1. Do an audit to research & analyze!

Many companies invest time in improving SEO (or claim they do) but they have little understanding of its contribution to their business, or what it could and should contribute. Search Engine Optimization requires not only research of keywords, competitors, consumer’s behaviours but also auditing your SEO performance. That way, you can better understand the “size of the prize”, how well you are doing now and formulate a robust plan to improve your overall SEO performance. For a detailed SEO Audit of your website visit our Search Engine Optimization Audit Page.

Do an audit to research & analyze!

2. Can search engines find your content?

SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) are constantly evolving as algorithms change and the variety of content formats included by search engines increases. It is important to understand what content drives search visits, this information will help inform and shape your content plan for SEO. Our team of experienced marketers have been gaining experience and knowledge from a variety of marketing fields, this collective knowledge is available to each and every new client.

Do an audit to research & analyze!

3. Get your on-page SEO right!

On-page optimization is an essential tool to succeed in your natural search-marketing efforts. Each page of your website is an asset you can use to help your business rank higher in the search engines. On-page optimization often involves applying a simple set of guidelines to ensure every page on your website is working hard for you. We at SeeThrough Web ensure that your website meets the current requirements of what makes a quality website.

Do an audit to research & analyze!

4. Create awesome content for SEO

Amazing! Awesome! Exceptional! Outstanding! Whatever you call it, for us this is the most important step to planning a successful SEO strategy. Content quality has elevated in importance since Google’s Panda update in 2011 (explained in Step 5). Content needs to be good enough to earn links based on content merit so that it’s readily linked to and shared by sites related to the interests of your audience. Attracting links to your content is difficult and time consuming, but also a vital part of SEO. Content has to be different from your competitors to do that. Our team of content writers is fully aware of the importance of their job. Our ability to develop and optimize quality content is at the centre of our successful SEO efforts.

Do an audit to research & analyze!

5. Gain more quality links through content marketing

Dedication to link building through a structured process to gain links through developing fresh, quality content and outreach to other sites to gain links. Content marketing goes hand-in-hand with SEO and they should be managed together for the best results.

Refine your internal linking

6. Refine your internal linking

Using relevant anchor text within your website links and making the “link juice” flow to get the best rankings. This may mean changing links within navigation, body copy or bigger changes to the site architecture or page templates. It’s best to vary internal link anchor body text to help a more balanced internal linking profile.

7. Improve SEO through analytics

The large majority of clients we work with use Google Analytics, mainly because there is an excellent free version that gives people the key reports they need to analyse website performance. Our team is up to date with current updates and use the data from analytics to improve SEO performance.

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