In the Community

We might connect through the web, but we live in our community,
and at STW we love to contribute and participate in community events,
whether it is the local community where we live and work, or the global community.


CN Tower Climb for Nature

On April 7th, 2018 Members of SeeThrough Web and OTC Toronto participated on the WWF’S CN TOWER CLIMB FOR NATURE.


Crossfit Colosseum Games

SeeThrough Web - Tough Mudder - 2017

The SeeThrough Web team participated in the 2017 Crossfit Colosseum Games, a fundraiser events for some of their athletes.

Crossfit consists mainly of a mix of aerobic exercise (running, rowing, skipping), calisthenics (body weight exercises), and olympic lifting.

STW Team won the Spirit Award. What a great experience to participate and contribute in community events.

Tough Mudder

The SeeThrough Web team is excited to participate in the 2017 Tough Mudder, a 10 mile course of mud and obstacles designed to foster teamwork, camaraderie and extraordinary accomplishments.

Tough Mudder participant donations go to support Wounded Warriors Canada programs that assist ill and injured Canadian Armed Forces members and their families.

SeeThrough Web - Tough Mudder - 2017

CN Tower Climb for Nature

We are climbing the CN Tower this April to support WWF-Canada. The SeeThrough Web Team is totally up for the physical and fundraising challenge!

The event will take place on Saturday, April 8, 2017 and Sunday April 9, 2017 in the CN Tower in downtown Toronto. There are so many reasons to get involved in the event, from reaching new personal heights by climbing 144 floors (aprox.1776 stairs) to helping to fund raise money that will help species and habitats in Canada. Polar bears are just one of the species that WWF is working to save. Across Canada over 500 species are close to extinction. To learn more about the WWF-Canada does in conservation please visit:

While we, as SeeThrough Web are doing our part, we are counting on you to help us reach our fundraising goal. The money we raise with the help of your generous support will make a huge difference for WWF’s efforts to safeguard the habitats of hundreds of species and make ground-breaking progress towards habitat sustainability.

You can get involved too by donating to WWF and sponsoring our team today.


Wounded Warriors Canada Highway of Heroes Bike Ride

This year we are proudly participating in the Wounded Warriors Canada Highway of Heroes Bike Ride; a 2 day, 200 km bike ride from Trenton, Ontario to Queen’s Park. The goal of the ride is to raise funds and awareness in support of ill and injured Canadian Armed Forces members, Veterans, First Responders, and their families.

If you’re not familiar with Wounded Warriors Canada, they’re a great organization, you can read about them at or visit for more information about the ride.

Help us reach our fundraising goal or join our team here:

SeeThrough Web is proud to be a sponsor of this year’s TYPO3 Snowboard tour, taking place in Whistler, B.C., Canada.

What the heck is a Snowboard tour?

Picture a group of developers snowboarding by day, coding by night.

The T3BOARD event is the oldest event in the TYPO3 world. it was brought to life in 2002 by Kasper himself, the founder of TYPO3.

15 crazy nerds met in Bad Gastein, Austria to have fun on the slopes snowboarding and sharing TYPO3 insights in the evening. This was THE event which kicked off the strong community spirit we have today.

This year marks the first T3BOARD event in Canada, taking place in Whistler, British Columbia from February 20 to the 29.

The European edition will run from February 28 to March 06 in Tyrol, Austria.

As it is the 15th edition, these events stand for this great community and its spirit!



Humber River Cleanup

28 September 2015

Volunteers wanted! Come on out and join us as part of the Humber River #cleanup this Wednesday.

The Humber River is one of city’s most beautiful natural treasures, but every spring when the snow melts the entire area is littered with junk and debris. Join us and help us keep the waters and surrounding parkland that many wildlife species, such as minks, beavers, blue herons, foxes, deers, white egrets and many other rare-for-the-city plants and animal species call home.

Click the link below to find out more about how you can #volunteer or sponsor the event:

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